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Composites Engineering Capabilities

When you need something done right, you need engineers who can do the design and modeling necessary to prove out your product on paper before manufacturing anything. Here at CarbonWiz we employ actual engineers, not only people with a passion for carbon composites. We know getting the engineering right is often everything in these cases.
DesignFEA of Carbon Fiber Tube

Can my metal part be made out of carbon fiber?  Will it be strong or stiff enough?  What is the best way to make a carbon fiber part?

These are just some examples of questions our team of engineers answer daily.

Clearwater Composites specializes in designing composite products for a variety of needs, from consumer products and sporting goods to robotic equipment and industrial applications.  Whether it is a carbon fiber tube, a plate, or a complex shaped part, our team of composites materials engineers are ready to bring your need into a real world solution.

Reverse Engineering

Microscopy of carbon fiber partAre you looking to in-source or design your own composite part that is being supplied overseas?

Or, maybe you want to figure out why your competitor's carbon fiber part is more durable than yours.

Put our team of technical experts on it.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of carbon fiber and composite materials, our team can reverse engineer existing composite parts. We are able to determine the composite design, including material identification, ply orientations, material thickness, void contents and additional information.

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